Who We Are

Grandee was born Asia based model agency from 2006, serving a wide range of clientele and successfully marketing its existing models with a divers model base.

Grandee placed models in virtually every medium including still, TVC, shows, filmings and various events. We Also offer a wide range of professional service including castings, production supports, venue decoration, make-up & hair artist.

Grandee will continue to thrive through unparalleled customer services & respection of leading talent & celebrities.

New Faces

Avis Chan

Lee Tsui

Simpson Au Yeung

Kristopher Long

Karl Cheung

Italo Castro

April Lai

Christine Fung

Jennifer Cheng

Karen Law

Li Meng

Miranda Wong

Owen Jacobsen

Sebastian Cai

Zachary W

Julia G

Neomie Foucault

Sianna Mai