Who We Are

Grandee was born Asia based model agency from 2006, serving a wide range of clientele and successfully marketing its existing models with a divers model base.

Grandee placed models in virtually every medium including still, TVC, shows, filmings and various events. We Also offer a wide range of professional service including castings, production supports, venue decoration, make-up & hair artist.

Grandee will continue to thrive through unparalleled customer services & respection of leading talent & celebrities.

New Faces

Carlos K

Him Wong

Karl Cheung

Steven Ko

Kim Yeung

Terrance Lau

Emily C

Jan Tse

Kendy Cheung

Leanne Fu

Ice Lai

Zoey Sham

Aaliya Gillman

Emma V

Luthus Lu

Oisin M

Sarinna Boggs

Yanson Chan