About GRANDEE Model

We love to look at beautiful people.

At Grandee, we are at the service of beautiful people.

Grandee was established in 2006 by experienced talent manager Noris Tam. We represent over 1500 models in Hong Kong, including Chinese, Caucasian, and child talent and artists.

Our Modelling and Casting Services

Grandee placed models in virtually every medium including still, TVC, shows, films and various events. We also offer a wide range of professional service including castings, production supports, venue decoration, make-up & hair styling.

Talent Search

Talent search is a part of the daily routine for us. Opportunities arise everywhere. If we find you photogenic, we would contact you to participate in our general casting. We also receive self-recommendations from the post, Facebook, or email.

Model Training and Management

Once signed to Grandee, we would provide the talent with the necessary training – including casting technique, how to dress, conversation skills, even sponsorships for hairdressing. The training is completely free of charge. We would never ask our models to surgically alter their appearances or ask them to lose weight.

To recommend our models to our over 1000 clients, we would prepare a professional profile including photographs and videos. The photographs would be regularly updated to keep it fresh, as we never know when would opportunity come knocking at the door.

At Grandee, our motto is professionalism and respect.

Grandee will continue to thrive through unparalleled customer services and respect of leading talent and celebrities.